Introducing our very first conference of it's kind centered all around healthy living! Welcome to the first annual Crafting a Healthy Home Online Conference

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Do you want to craft a healthy home for your family but don't know where to start? 

Healthy living has never been a more important topic than it is in 2020. But it can feel utterly overwhelming to know where to begin, what baby steps to implement, and how to do it all on a budget! 

If you want to craft a healthier home, then I have the PERFECT new resource for you. Introducing the...


I started on my healthy living journey 10 years ago...

My husband was struggling with high cholesterol and his doctor simply handed him a sheet of paper that outlined his "low sodium" diet and sent him on his way. This "low sodium diet" was full of processed foods. 

So I remember sitting down one Friday night to watch a movie together and I started researching what it means to cook healthier (I was lost and had no idea where to start) to help my husband.

At the time it felt INCREDIBLY overwhelming. I started realizing that even foods and brands I thought were healthy were loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats and oils, and even cancer causing ingredients 😱 AND that not all salt was bad. What?? I was confused and overwhelmed. 

So I slowly started reading labels and figuring out what "healthy" eating looked liked WITHOUT letting it take over my life and getting too complicated. 

Then we got pregnant with our first baby (which turned out to be twin boys. Surprise!). I started researching things like baby laundry detergent and baby wash...and I was shocked! Now I had to worry about things like cleaning products and skin care?? 

Because you know what I found? Cancer causing ingredients, endocrine disruptors, hormonal imbalancers, lung irritants, and SO.MUCH.MORE. And in the every day products I used in my home. Even in the products labeled for babies. 😭

I knew I wanted to take action. I knew I wanted to make changes in my home. But I didn't know where to start. AND I didn't have much of a budget to work with either. 

I am far from perfect when it comes to healthy living. There is a long list of things I want to implement in my home (AND there's always so much grace in a healthy lifestyle, we CAN'T do it all and that's okay)! But that's the biggest lesson I've learned throughout the years: It's ALL about baby steps. 

And THAT'S exactly why I am so excited to introduce you to this amazing online conference...

With this online conference, we are going to be able to give small and steady baby steps towards a healthier home AND go deep on these subjects. We are talking in depth teaching by some incredible speakers...broken down into manageable pieces!

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Grab your ticket now for this fabulous conference! It will be live September 21-23rd and it's going to be amazing!! 🙌

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Fully Online! 

A one of a kind community

There is no other resource out there like this that can help you form these baby steps...all for God's Glory! It's a fully online conference where natural and healthy living meets everyday practical living. 

And the best part? You don't have to hire a babysitter, pay for a plane ticket, arrange a hotel, etc. It's all online so you can participate and watch from the comfort of your living room - in your pajamas!

Watch Anytime! 

Everything is recorded

One really fun aspect of this conference is getting to participate live with all the other speakers and attendees! 

But as a busy mom with six young kids, I know that it's not always realistic or doable to watch along live. So whether you miss one session - or all of them - you can watch along at another time! 

We record all the sessions (at NO extra charge) and you get to watch them anytime you want...with lifetime access! 

Follow Along! 

With your very own conference notebook

As part of your ticket, you will get free access to the digital conference notebook. This notebook contains all the notes and outlines for each conference session so you can take notes throughout and always find those notes again. 

This is going to be particularly helpful during this new healthy living conference because your notebook will be the start of your very own healthy home notebook!! 

Register Today - Here's what you get:

  • 12 conference sessions September 21-23rd
  • Access to the recordings so you can view anytime after the live event as well 
  • A printable conference notebook to put your new plans into immediate action! 
  • And some other amazing bonuses and surprises along the way!
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Throughout the conference we will have 3 main focus areas! 

All of our speakers and sessions will fall under these umbrellas of Crafting...

A Healthy Kitchen

Health starts with our food! Making healthy and nutritious food that our family actually wants to eat and doesn't break the bank can be so overwhelming...but it doesn't have to be! This section will give you some amazing help (even if your family has specific dietary issues)! 

A Healthy Medicine Cabinet

There has never been a more important time to have tools ready and available in our medicine cabinet to help boost our families immune systems. This section is an important one! We are going to dive into herbs and essential oils and how they can be used as powerful natural medicine 🙌

A Healthy Home

And last (but not least!), we will cover the inns and outs of crafting a healthier home by recognizing the harmful ingredients in common household products. We will dive into natural cleaning, beauty and skin care, and other personal care products. We will blend in education, DIY recipes, and how to do it all in tiny little baby steps! 

The Speakers and The Sessions

The conference will be live for 3 amazing days (don't worry, you get lifetime access to watch these anytime after) during which we will have 12 amazing sessions! Here are the incredible topics from these amazing speakers (sessions will be announced throughout the week): 

Setting goals for healthy living 

with Jami Balmet

Over this conference we are going to cover some incredible topics (just see the list below!). But that can also leave us feeling overwhelmed with all the good changes we want to make in our home. So I am going to kick off this incredible conference with a chat on how we can set realistic, effective, and budget friendly goals for making real and lasting change in our homes! 🙌

A Journey with Depression (and how to naturally battle it)! 

with Susan Heid of The Confident Mom

Is there was ever a year to talk about tools and support for depression - it would be 2020! It's a journey that Susan is very familiar with in her own life and she is eager to share the tools and resources that have helped her in her own battle with depression. Do you need some help managing depression (or need some tools to help a family member)? Susan is going to give you some great encouragement and help during this session. 

Home Fitness: Beyond the Treadmill 

with Beth Learn of Fit 2 B

Does anyone else struggle with taking care of yourself? As a busy mom and business owner, Beth knows how hard it can be to maintain health and fitness. But she also knows how rewarding and necessary fitness is to all of our lives. In her session, Beth will share tips and encouragement for home fitness for everyone! You will love her. She is incredibly helpful...and so funny! 

Finding Better Solutions for Stress & Sleep (and Anxiety!)

with Eliza Zorn, Labor and Delivery RN

As a labor and delivery RN for the past 12 years and as a mom of 5, Eliza has had her fair share of experience with stress, sleep issues, and anxiety. Both in her personal life and in help other women, Eliza has learned so many good solutions for dealing with stress and sleep issues (and how it's ALL connected)! Get your pen and paper ready for this session as she dives into explaining the science of how it all works in our bodies and practical and simple things we can do. Get ready to sleep more and handle stress better! 

Simple but Powerful Steps to Detoxifying the Body 

with Jennifer Vanderstoep of Honest Oilers

Detoxifying and cleansing the body is an incredibly important part of healthy living today. We come into contact with so many toxins throughout our day and our bodies can easily get overwhelmed from it all. But do you know what is also overwhelming? Trying to figure out how to gently and naturally detox your body! Jenn is a mom of 6 who supporter her husband through Cancer and recovery - and a huge part of that process was detoxifying his body!! In this incredibly practical session, Jenn will share how we can take steps towards detoxifying and cleansing - from supplements to food to essential oils and lifestyle changes.   

Creating Healthy Eating Habits for Your Future

with Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker

We a busy mom of 4 and a business owner, Erin knows how difficult it can be to take care of yourself...especially when it comes to healthy eating! But she is also high risk for diabetes and she knows that if she can properly take care of herself NOW (and her family!) then it can be so rewarding in the future. In this session she will share encouragement for how to do. If you follow her on Instagram, you know she is the queen of simple yet tasty and healthy meals! 

Dinner on a Dollar: Real Food on a Budget! 

with Steph Jenkins of Cheapskate Cook

“I would love to eat healthier, but it’s just so expensive.” If you ever thought that, you are not alone. Eating healthy on a budget is a challenge people just like you and me wrestle with every day. But you don’t have to! In this next session, Steph's goal is to empower and equip you to feed your people real food no matter how tight your budget is, and show you how you can start today. It isn’t magic. It’s just the right recipes and a simple strategy.

Understanding Hormones and the Role They Play in Everything

with Jami Balmet

I had zero clue how much our hormones impact everything in our bodies (for men and women)! But after having 5 babies, I realized something was deeply off in my body and I dove into figuring out how to correct it. After nearly 4 years of working on getting my health back, I've realized on very simple thin: Your hormones control or are heavily involved in everything. I can look back to when I was a teenager and piece together problems I had back then with my hormones...I just didn't know anything about it. In this session, we are going to take a high level view of hormones in both men and women so that we can all approach our health care from a very holistic point of view. 

5 Pillars of Health - Healthy Living Made Easy

with Beth Ricci of Red & Honey

Do you ever find the topic of healthy living to be overwhelming? Like the idea sounds good and all, but there is just too much to implement and work on? 

Well now it does't need to feel so overwhelming. In this session, Beth is going to chat about the 5 pillars of health. 

These are the simple 5 things you can focus on to make healthy living EASY and attainable. She will discuss why you need to engage all 5 before getting bogged down in the micro-details of healthy living. This will help you think big picture FIRST before getting burnt out and overwhelmed. 

A Non-Toxic Home on a Budget

with Jami Balmet

If I had to address one single area in the home that makes an incredibly huge difference, it would be this. Taking toxins out of our homes is such a huge and important topic because it has catastrophic effects on our health. But it's also an incredibly overwhelming topic. 

During this session we are going to break down the NEED for removing toxins from the home, address the areas that need purging (cleaning products, skin care, makeup, kids shampoo, etc), share ideas for where to get these products, and how to do it all on a budget. 

Instead of a strict what brand(s) to buy list (which I will happily share my favorites and other speakers favorites) we will approach this subject with providing you with the skills and knowledge for finding non-toxic solutions for yourself. I want to empower you in this area! 

Cooking From Scratch Made Easy - Tips and hacks for simplifying your kitchen 

with Jami Balmet (and other fabulous ladies)!

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would cook almost everything in our kitchen from scratch  - and run a business AND homeschool 6 kids - I would have told you it was impossible. 

Cooking from scratch sounds great when you want to eat healthy but it's way too time intensive right?? I can't spend 6-8 hours a day in my kitchen so it can't work...right? 

In this session I am going to share my weekly rhythm, recipes, and tips for cooking from scratch (including all of my own bread products)  without spending my life in the kitchen. We are also going to pull in some other incredible ladies to share their tips as well. 

On Becoming a Sudden Homesteader

with Jamerrill Stewart

Over the course of this year, Jamerrill has transformed their new family home into a homestead! 

She's jumped head long into creating a large garden, getting chickens and ducks, milking goats and more! 

She's been learning the powerful lesson of sustainability and in this interview, she's going to share all about it! Jamerrill is always a hoot to talk to and this session will be no exception. 


Grab Your Ticket Today! 

Grab your ticket now for this fabulous conference! It will be live September 21-23rd and it's going to be amazing!! 🙌

Grab your ticket before prices go up!

Introducing two brand bonuses!

We've got 2 incredible sessions Wardee from Traditional Cooking School that you will get immediate access to! 

She taught these keynote sessions during the 2018 homemaking conference but they are too good not to share. When you grab a ticket to this healthy living conference, you will get instant access to start going through this 2 part keynote series. 

Part 1: 6 Simple Steps To Getting Started With Healthy Cooking - Wardee Harmon

Part 2: How To Cook Real Food With A Busy Schedule - Wardee Harmon

THEN join the private FB group for attendees where we will discuss everything in this keynote series and how to put it into practical use! I can't wait 😍

Session topics will be released throughout the weekend. But you can look forward to practical and hands on sessions on:

-  Balancing out hormones (women's AND men's)

- Stress, Sleep, and getting a handle on it all

- Immune building and keeping your family safe & healthy

- DIY recipes, tips, and tutorials for everyday life 

- A guide to Detoxing!! 

- Practical (time saving & money saving) tips for a healthy kitchen

- and so so so much more! 

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Grab your ticket!

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